Nutritional Therapy
What is Nutritional Therapy?

Do you suffer from symptoms of fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, abnormal weight gain or loss, PMS, skin problems or allergies? Have you tried various medications without any relief and then suffered from side effects as well? Has your doctor told you that you might just have to live with it?

The modern western diet, together with environmental issues and the excessive use of antibiotics, has led to many long-term health problems such as asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, metabolic syndrome, etc., which need a complex approach.

As a naturopathic nutritional therapist, one is trained in the detailed workings of the body and its metabolism from a holistic and scientific perspective. This enables your practitioner to explain how your illness may have started and then to design a bespoke nutrition and health program for you.

By evaluating your diet and lifestyle and often making relatively simple changes, you can increase your energy, lift your mood and alleviate many of the chronic symptoms that are affecting more and more people worldwide.

With a detailed questionnaire and an in-depth conversation about your lifestyle, food preferences and any food issues you may have, our consultant will give you a bespoke plan for a healthier new you! This need not be painful, time consuming, nor expensive. Most of your money should be spent on healthy, organic food for you and your family - not on supplements, medicine or consultations over a long period of time. Within a few months and with your personal commitment, you can significantly reduce the conditions of IBS and other digestive issues, asthma and allergies, skin problems, PMS, fatigue, metabolic syndrome, cystitis, deteriorating memory, frequent infections, headaches and migraines, weight problems or water retention among others.

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