About Us


We have been established in Abingdon for over 10 years, giving us a wealth of experience in helping you to choose the right type of treatment or therapy. This can sometimes be a difficult decision and we provide confidential and  practical help and advice on what could be right for you. People usually come to us with specific health issues, both physical and mental, but sometimes just because they want to take time out and treat themselves to a relaxing treatment. We also offer gift vouchers, so that people can treat their loved ones and friends.

Everyday pressures and hectic lifestyles have a huge effect on our physical and emotional health. More and more people are recognising the importance of taking responsibility for their own health and well-being. To enjoy good health we need to look after our physical health but just as importantly the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Daily stresses can cause imbalance which if left for too long can cause us to feel unwell. The principles of natural medicine are based on the idea of treating the individual holistically, looking at all aspects of an individual’s life. We also encourage people to take control for themselves through advice and programmes, helping the body to stimulate its own unique healing ability and restoring balance. The fantastic thing about natural therapies is that they are safe for everyone, because they are non invasive. They can work as a treatment on their own or in many cases alongside conventional medicine.

This site provides details on all of our therapies, or why not email us with any queries, or pop in for a chat. We look forward to meeting you.