Barbara Wallis

Hi, I joined the Natural Health Centre in 2012 and am a counsellor, coach and coach supervisor, as well as working in the NHS helping doctors with career decisions.

I have an absolute passion for working with people on their growth and self-development, and believe we all have capacity for renewal, even when things are tough.

Since 2011 I have been teaching on Mindfulness courses both for the University of Oxford and privately, and incorporate some of the present-moment awareness of Mindfulness into my client work, if that feels right for the client.

Recent counselling and coaching clients have said:

Things at home are going wonderfully well, you’ve made a crucial and
important difference.

I saw Barbara for coaching. I felt I was in control of what we discussed
and the direction we took. She asked what seemed like simple questions, but
a door opened and the light flooded in

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