Derek Collins

My first interest in healing began in the 1960’s when I was practicing Judo. In the 1970’s I started training in healing with my Karate master Mr G S Mayo N.D., D.O.

In 1980 I began to study Naturopathy at Brantridge Forest School; Highfield, Dane Hill, Haywards Heath, Sussex RH17 7EX and achieved my Naturopathic diploma in 1983. I continued studying with the school and in 1986 I achieved a Doctorate in Naturopathy. I treated my family, friends, work colleagues and my martial art students from about 1982.
I became a full time therapist in 1992 and have been running my own clinics since then. In 1998 I acquired my Masters degrees in Reiki & Seichim healing to add another aspect to my healing repartee. I am still studying and learning about my healing disciplines at workshops and in discussion with other Natural therapists.

As a naturopath I believe that the body’s own healing force actually cures! My job here is to get you to a position were it can do so, this means I look at a total holistic picture of your ailments and will use any of the natural therapies or any combination of the natural therapies that I practice to get you back to health.

I provide treatments for: Acute & chronic ailments, repetitive strain injuries, aches & pains in muscles and joints, any injury, stress headaches, migraines, trapped nerves, tension stiffness, fatigue, insomnia, wellness and pampering.

My therapies:


This can realign muscle groups and remove fibrosis, adhesions and scar tissue. It allows the muscles to regain their full range of movement, relieve pain and allow joints to become more mobile.


This is the use of passive and/or resistive exercises given during a treatment! Other types of exercises may be given to improve posture, balance, digestion, breathing, muscle strength, flexibility and general well being. Health exercise programme can be worked out for the individual.


This means looking at the existing diet and checking for missing or insufficient amounts of nutrients, checking that they are being supplied
in the correct balance. Then checking for food intolerances then correcting the diet to the requirements of the individual.


This is using any one therapy, or any combination of the therapies that I practice to resolve the problem and then looking at how to prevent it happening again.


I use two different systems of pressure points! Acupressure which is acupuncture without needles, also Myofascial Triggers which are biomechanical efficiency control points.


Relaxation is body requirement! It enables the mind to forget problems and the muscles to release tension, thus restoring the body back to balance. Different systems of meditation can be taught allowing the muscles to relax and the mind to focus, promoting synergy between body and mind.


Chakras are energy centres in the body which allow and regulate the flow of life force through the body. When any of these energy centres are functioning incorrectly the body may become ill and the emotions become over powering so they need to be functioning correctly and therefore balanced.